The Gilchrist Care Choices (GCC) program offers terminally-ill patients with Medicare as their primary insurer the chance to continue to seek ongoing medical treatment options while also receiving the comfort-focused benefits of hospice care. 

What support willGilchrist Hospice Care provide?
Under this program, the patient’s current physician and/or specialist will continue to direct and bill for his or her care and treatment, including pain and symptom management; however, Gilchrist Hospice Care will provide valuable interdisciplinary support including:

  • Nursing case management, as well as hospice aide, social work, spiritual care and volunteer support, provided in the home and through regular telephone contact

  • Access to full hospice home care services, including after hours support in times of crisis

How do patients qualify for Gilchrist Care Choices?


To be eligible, patients must:


  • Medicare Part A primary for the past 12 months, and Medicare Part B

  • Diagnosis of Cancer, COPD, CHF or HIV/AIDS

  • Prognosis of 6 months or less to live

  • At least 1 hospitalization, ER visit or observation

  • At least 3 out-patient physician office visits within the past 12 months (ok if multiple providers) 

  • Reside in a traditional home setting, including independent living

What is the goal of GCC?
GCC is part of a 5-year Demonstration Project by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and is designed to evaluate the benefits of adding hospice case management and services to the care of patients who are terminally ill but not yet ready to give up curative treatments. 

When does the program start?
GCC, which will begin enrolling patients January 1, 2016, is the only program approved to provide concurrent care for adult Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries in Central Maryland.


For more information or to request a referral, call: 443-849-8353 



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