Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE)

The ACE Unit is an inpatient unit at GBMC dedicated to the care of geriatric patients who qualify for acute hospital care. The clinical staff are trained to meet the unique healthcare needs of elderly patients. Specialized protocols and discharge plans have been developed to assure the appropriate care of our patients.

What is the ACE Unit at GBMC?
The ACE unit is a 27-bed unit located on Unit 35 that addresses not only the medical needs of the elderly, but the functional and social needs as well. Each patient room is equipped with a special bed that can be lowered to a level that allows ease of access and decreases our patients risk for a fall. The interdisciplinary team that cares for each patient includes representatives from multiple disciplines who work together to meet the individual needs of the hospitalized elderly patient.

While the bulk of the ACE program is contained within the walls of Unit 35 at GBMC, patients on Unit 37 (Cardiac Care) who meet the criteria for ACE are also included in interdisciplinary rounds. This allows the team to properly address the needs of and provide specialized attention to older cardiac-monitored patients.

The nurses and staff on Unit 37 are specially trained to meet the unique healthcare needs of elderly patients, and the unit includes specialized protocols and discharge plans to assure the appropriate care of our patients.

Why is the environment better for a compromised aging individual?

The setting is specially-designed for our patients and the interdisciplinary team receives additional training.

As such, our patients can expect:

  • A specially-prepared environment, including appropriate lighting and soothing colors
  • Individualized patient care based on each patient’s needs and functional status
  • Appropriate planning for discharge focused on returning patients to their previous level of function

What are the criteria for admission to the ACE Unit?

To be eligible for admission to the ACE Unit at GBMC, the patient must be at least 65 years old and have an acute condition requiring hospitalization. Patients who are most at risk for geriatric syndromes such as confusion, dementia, depression, incontinence, and falls or who are on multiple medications are all candidates for admission to the ACE unit. 


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