Inpatient Services at GBMC

Including the Acute Care for the Eldery (ACE) Unit

When you or your loved one need to be admitted for acute care to a hospital, the Greater Living inpatient team will follow and serve as an attending physician, overseeing, monitoring and conducting daily rounds. We work closely with GBMC ancillary services and specialists to provide the best possible care.

Our ultimate goal is to return you or your loved one to the level of function prior to hospital admission. For patients who have been inpatient on the ACE unit, you will be followed by the ACE interdisciplinary team to add an extra layer of oversight to elder care.

Inpatient and Outpatient Geriatric Consults

For patients who already have a community physician but may need a specialized consult, we offer consultative services both for patients admitted to GBMC and for outpatients referred by the primary care physician.

Ambulatory Clinic

Primary Care Geriatrics in our GBMC Office

We have a small office-based practice where our physicians and nurse practitioners provide primary care for frail, older adults who are ambulatory and/or still able to travel for care. The focus of this care is on those patients who need the attention of clinicians with expertise in treating individuals with complex health care needs.

Facility Based Care

Assisted Living Facility, Long Term Care Facility, Skilled Nursing Facility, and Continuing Care Retirement Community

After hospitalization, often patients need short term rehabilitation or admission to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) to help regain their function. Our clinician team of physicians and nurse practitioners follows patients in several area SNF locations. We work with facility nurses and rehab staff to help patients regain the strength needed return to their homes whenever possible.

Our team also follows patients who are no longer able to live independently and reside in a long term care (LTC), assisted living facility (ALT) or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). Our physician and nurse practitioner teams provide attending clinician services to ensure care needs are met, and develop comprehensive plans of care to meet the needs and wishes of patients and their families.

Home Based Care

Sometimes our office based patients are not able to get to the office due to illness or injury. In these instances, we do provide home visits to our established patients. We also work with community attending physicians and GBMA’s clinical offices to provide home-based care when appropriate for their older, adult patients.

Sub-Acute Care

The Sub-Acute unit is located within GBMC but patients are not considered inpatients; rather, the care provided there is “transitional” with a goal to offer the intense rehabilitation, medical monitoring, skilled nursing care and careful discharge planning that will enable them to return to their own homes. The Sub-Acute Team includes licensed nurses, therapists (physical, occupational, activity and speech), dietitians, pharmacists, a social worker and a highly-skilled support staff who work under the direction of an administrator, a nursing director and a medical director. The unit is licensed as a skilled nursing facility.

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