The physicians and nurse practitioners with Greater Living are experts in family, geriatric care. Even though you may see more than one physician and/or nurse practitioner, you will have a team who works with you, your family and your other medical specialists to determine diagnoses and provide care in order to achieve the best possible outcome.


The Geriatrics program is designed to provide bedside clinical services seven days a week, mainly at skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Physicians and nurse practitioners provide primary care to patients and consults in palliative medicine at facilities in Central Maryland, as well as medical oversight and direction and/or physician support at about 30 of those facilities. Patients served by the program generally suffer from two or more chronic conditions or are terminally-ill and need help with two or more activities of daily living (walking, bathing, etc.). Physicians and nurse practitioners also see patients with difficulty traveling in their homes, and ambulatory patients at offices at GBMC.

Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE)

The ACE (Acute Care for the Elderly) Program at GBMC is dedicated to the care of geriatric patients who qualify for acute hospital care.  The program includes individuals at least 65 years old who have an acute condition requiring hospitalization on the general medical or intermediate care unit.  The clinical staffs on the ACE units are trained to meet the unique healthcare needs of elderly patients.  The program integrates evidence based geriatric nursing protocols, interdisciplinary collaboration and individualized supportive discharge plans to improve patient outcomes.

The ACE program not only addresses the medical needs of the elderly, but the functional and social needs as well.  The program emphasizes patient centered care to improve safety, efficiency and quality of life. The clinical staff has special training in the most up to date evidence based geriatric practices and access to geriatric specific resources.  An interdisciplinary team of health professionals, including a geriatrician, specially trained nurses, a pharmacist, a dietitian and rehabilitation specialists, meet regularly to discuss the individual needs of the hospitalized older patient.

Sub-Acute Care

The Sub Acute Unit at GBMC is designed to maximize patient function and independence. Patients on this unit are not considered “hospital” patients but “transitional” patients as the unit functions as and is licensed as a skilled nursing facility. Patients on this unit are ready for inpatient discharge but still need rehabilitation and assistance to prepare them for return to their own homes and an independent lifestyle. The unit has its own activities program and patients are encouraged to participate as part of their recovery. Many patients dress in their own clothing and spend time visiting with friends or family in common spaces. The unit has its own rehabilitation suite and team of therapists so that patients can receive treatment on the unit itself. The team includes nurses, therapists (speech, physical, occupational and activity), clinical dietitians, pharmacists, a social worker and support staff, as well as a medical and nursing director and a program administrator.

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