As the end of life approaches, it is natural for patients to seek the solace of their most familiar place, home. At Gilchrist Hospice Care, we work with our patients and families to ensure that they are able to remain in their own homes through the course of their illness, and that their time spent there is comfortable and dignified.

As such, our home care teams will work with caregivers to: 

  • Provide the necessary equipment (i.e. hospital beds, bedside commodes, oxygen), as well as medicines.
  • Offer training in the use of equipment and education about the disease progression..
  • Provide at least weekly home care visits from our registered nurses, as well as the services of our hospice aides to provide personal care, our social workers to provide counseling and support and our chaplains to offer spiritual care.
  • Offer volunteer support in individual patient homes for companionship, respite for caregivers and to run errands, as needed.

As death nears, we offer our volunteer End of Life Doulas to visit the home and to sit with patients and families during those difficult, final hours, all in an effort to ensure that no patient dies alone and that families have the support they need during their most difficult time.


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