All Gilchrist Kids patients receive care from an interdisciplinary, specially trained team of pediatric professionals and volunteers, under the guidance of the Gilchrist Kids medical director, who work in close cooperation with the patient, if able, his or her family, and their personal physician and are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

The hospice team seeks the active involvement of patient families in making decisions regarding care and treatment, while at the same time supporting the patient and family emotionally, socially and spiritually. 


  • The young patient and caregivers/loved ones
  • The patient’s physician and/or Gilchrist Kids Medical Director
  • Registered nurses
  • Certified hospice aides
  • Social workers
  • Chaplains
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Pediatric volunteers
  • Grief counselors


The young patient and caregivers/loved ones – Our patients and families are the most important members of the Gilchrist Kids team and serve as its leaders. All of Gilchrist Kids’ care is focused on and attuned to the choices made by the patient and family.

The patient’s physician and/or Gilchrist Medical Director – The patient’s personal physician may continue to care for him/her and often does, working in collaboration with the Gilchrist Kids team. In addition, the Gilchrist Kids Medical Director is often directly involved in the care and education of the patient and family.

Registered nurses – All of our nurses are specially-trained in both pediatric and end of life care and provide skilled care and support that is individual to each patient and aligned with the care goals of the patient and family. The Gilchrist Kids nurse is the case manager and will provide education and hands on care, as well as options to manage pain and other symptoms of the illness, while supporting both the patient and caregiver(s).

Certified hospice aides – Our aides will provide compassionate personal care that will take the stress out of everyday tasks (bathing, grooming, dressing, etc.) while, at the same time, helping our patients maintain their dignity.

Social workers – Our social workers will provide support and counseling for families, as well as assistance in accessing resources, in making alternative living arrangements, in dealing with financial issues, or in coping with other issues that may arise. Our social workers will also assist families with decision-making in terms of end of life wishes and with funeral arrangements.

Chaplains – Our chaplains provide non-denominational spiritual support and counseling that is based on families’ individual spiritual or religious beliefs, practices and needs. They will listen to concerns, and offer prayers, if desired; they will help families reflect on what they find most meaningful in their life; and they will offer support in healing relationships. Our Gilchrist Kids chaplains will also work with the family’s personal clergy and congregation, if desired.

Child Life Specialist – Our child life specialist is uniquely attuned to the individual social and emotional needs of our young patients and will work to help them sort out their feelings, most often through play and imagination. The child life specialist also works with siblings and other young family members impacted by the patient’s illness and impending death, and will help families create lasting memories through crafts (i.e. hand molds) and other activities.

Pediatric volunteers – Our volunteers provide a variety of services for our patients and families, including offering companionship, providing respite for caregivers by sitting with patients so that they may take a break, listening and enjoying those things patients and families enjoy most, even running errands or performing light housekeeping tasks.

Grief counselors – After the death of a young patient, our grief counselors are available to offer one-on-one counseling. Our Masters-prepared counselors are also available to talk with family members through bridge visits prior to the death of a loved one. In addition to individual counseling, our grief services include support groups, workshops, an annual pediatric memorial services and other offerings.


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